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Dedusting bag

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Dedusting bag

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Detailed introduction

In addition to the spinnability and abrasion resistance of polyester fiber, the Max's dust bag has the characteristics of good heat resistance, flammability and non melting. The index of fibro oxygen can be 29%, not spontaneous combustion. When the temperature is above 400 C, the fiber is slowly carbonized. In addition, it has good dimensional stability. Compared with glass fiber, its wearability and folding resistance are beyond compare with glass fiber. Therefore, it has high temperature resistance and long service life. It is currently the preferred filter material for bag filter.

Under the normal flue gas temperature conditions, the temperature resistance of the bag filter to the dust filter bag is below 150 C, and at the high temperature of the flue gas, such as the smelting plant, the carbon black plant, the blast furnace gas of the ironmaking plant, the tail gas of the kiln of the carbide factory, the flue gas of the casting, the steelmaking plant, the tail gas of the vertical kiln of the cement plant, the smoke of asphalt concrete mixing asphalt, and the coal burning The boiler and other high temperature environment are not competent for dust removal and purification.

One is that these dusty smoke and dust are not suitable for collecting electrostatic precipitator because they are limited by specific resistance. They can only be collected in cloth bags or other ways.

Two, if we want to lower the temperature of dust smoke to below 150 C, the investment will be higher or the site will be limited.

Three because of the components containing sulfur in the dust smoke, the dust smoke has an acid dew point, which can only be filtered and separated under the high temperature of acid dew point, so a chemical fiber with high temperature is needed to make filter material.

MetaMax high temperature dust bag (Nomex) made from imported raw materials;

1. Excellent temperature resistance: it can operate continuously at 204 degree temperature (instantaneous temperature 250 degrees), and can withstand repeated 250 degree instantaneous temperature.

2. Excellent dimensional stability: at 250 C, the heat shrinkage rate is less than 1%, which has excellent high temperature stability.

Third, the fire safety of people: decomposition and carbonization at the temperature of 400, the limit oxygen index (LOI) is 30, it is neither spontaneous combustion nor combustion supporting.

(4) good chemical resistance: low concentration of acids and bases and most hydrocarbons do not affect it, even a small amount of fluoride will not corrode obviously; it is one of the ideal parts of the asphalt concrete mixing building.

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