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PPS filter felt

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PPS filter felt

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Detailed introduction

PPS filter felt is our factory selection of PPS fiber produced in the United States, Japan and other countries. According to the production process of other high temperature resistant filter felt, the filter material is produced and processed. It is one of the main varieties of high temperature resistant filter material. The application of PPS needle punched filter material in the following occasions is excellent.

1, the working temperature is 190 degrees, the short-time working temperature is 232 degrees, the melting point is 285 degrees, the limiting oxygen index is 34~35.

2, where oxygen content is below 15% or less, it can be applied.

3, sulfur contained in fuel or sulfur oxides in flue gas has been proved to be acid, alkali and chemical resistant fibers.

4. There is a wet air in the flue.

5. Under the conditions of temperature 190 ~232 C, the PPS filter bag has excellent performance record when the gas cloth ratio is up to 5:1 to do the line cleaning and the gas cloth ratio 6:1 as off-line ash cleaning.

PPS fiber has a complete retention of strength and internal chemical resistance. It can maintain good filtering performance in bad environment and achieve ideal service life. PPS filter felt is an ideal filter material for filtering the coal ash boiler, the garbage incinerator and the power plant ash collecting dust treatment.

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