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FMS FMS high needle punched felt

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FMS FMS high needle punched felt

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  • Date of release:2018/04/09
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Detailed introduction

FMS filter material is a new product developed for China's national conditions. It is widely used in iron and steel, nonferrous metals smelting, chemical industry, carbon black, building materials, power and other sectors.

FMS FMS is a high needle punched felt high temperature resistant varieties. It is made up of two or more than two kinds of high temperature resistant fiber mixing and stout composite to achieve higher and updated physical and chemical properties. The product name of the composite type temperature resistant needle punched filter felt is FMS (fluometh). The series of FMS needle filter felt products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, acid alkali corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and folding resistance. There are also serialized products suitable for different temperature ranges from 150 to 200 degrees, 250--300 degrees. Compared with glass fiber filter material, FMS filter material has obvious improvement in wear resistance, flexural strength and peel strength, and can bear high filtration load, the filtration speed can reach more than 1.0m/min, and the running resistance is low. Compared with synthetic synthetic fiber high temperature resistant filter material, it overcomes the weakness of high elongation rate, large deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance of chemical fiber filter material, and the size stability and strength are good.

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