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Detailed definition and working principle of high temperature filter bag

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Detailed definition and working principle of high temperature filter bag

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Product definition of high temperature filter bag

It is made of pure ultrafine fiber filter cloth.

Made of fine hot-melt or car.

High temperature filter bag thus has

High efficiency and high temperature resistance.


The working principle of high temperature filter bag:

The high temperature filter bag is a key part in the operation of the bag filter. Usually, the cylindrical filter bag is suspended vertically in the duster.

In. The fabric and design of filter bags should try to pursue efficient filtration, easy dust stripping and durability.

In a gas box type pulse duster,

When the dust gas passes through the dust collector,

Dust was arrested on the outer surface of the filter bag.

And clean

The gas enters the filter bag through the filter material.

The cage frame inside the high temperature filter bag is used to support the filter bag.

Prevent the collapse of the filter bag,

At the same time it has

It helps to remove and redistribute the dust.

Product features:

The 1. filter cloth is filter based on the thickness of the entire filter layer, which belongs to deep filtration.

2., the depth of the whole filter layer is made up of three dimensional loose porous structure made of fiber, from inside to outside, from loose to dense.

Gradient filtration;

3. high capacity, long filtration life and low pressure difference.

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