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How to choose the right number of filter bags for bag filter?

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How to choose the right number of filter bags for bag filter?

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There are mainly several kinds of bag filters: single bag filter, multi bag filter, rocker bag filter.

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High precision bag filter and multi bag filter are suitable for large flow filtration. From 2 bagging to 24 bagged, the specifications are complete. The diameter of the inlet and outlet flange is 40 450MM, the maximum flow rate of the single machine is 90-1000m3/h.. It can provide quick opening design, and the replacement of filter bags is very convenient. It also applies to occasions where filter bags can only be changed after long time.

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The multi bag filter can be increased from 2 bags to 24 bags. So how to correctly select the number of bags to filter bags? That must first determine the air flow of the filter.

If only in order to increase the number of filter bags to increase the air area and increase the air flow rate of the filter, it is bound to install too much filter bag on a certain size filter, resulting in the small spacing between the filter bags and mutual extrusion in the air. Instead, the effective air outlet area becomes smaller, the air volume is reduced, and the wind resistance rises sharply, so it is over. The number of filter bags should be calculated in proper amount. Before calculating the number of filter bags, we must first calculate the air volume of the bag filter.

How do you calculate the air volume of the bag filter? According to the industry people engaged in the air filter industry for many years, the filter air volume Q=S*V, L=600mm, H=595mm, P=6, the efficiency is 65%: (V=0.25m/s) S=L*H*P*2=0.6*0.595*6*2=4.284 square meter rated air volume Q=4.284*0.25*3600 (converted to per hour wind) =3855m2/h actual use, such as excess use, wind speed up to most Add 10%, but notice that in this case, the life of filter bag will be reduced.

When we confirm the air volume value, we can choose the filter bag. If the filter bag is out of the wind, when the filter bag expands and draws close to 50mm, in order to avoid the inter bag extrusion, the value of the installation size W1 should be greater than that of the 60mm (the calculated value 70mm) filter bag. If the filter width is W=595mm, the number of filter bags is =595/70=8.5, so the maximum number of filter bags is 8. The designers generally design 6 bags according to the conventional design.


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