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What are the applications of the liquid filter bag? (a)

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What are the applications of the liquid filter bag? (a)

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The application of liquid filter bag in the food and beverage industry:

Removal of suspended solids from food and drink wine, strong wine and beer, removal and polishing of particles in sediment, edible oil, removal of carbon black from high temperature filter bag cellulose, gelatin, liquid syrup, syrup, corn syrup polishing and intercepting carbon and filter aid in sugar making, starch processing, milk processing, and soft drinks in soft drinks Cleaning, filtration before filling, filtration and removal of impurities from various processes, such as syrup and syrup.

Application of liquid filter bag in fine chemical industry

High temperature filter bag

Chemical catalyst recovery, filtration of pipeline system impurities, polishing process medium, alkaline and acid liquid and filtration of solvent, emulsion and dispersant, gel, acrylic acid and viscose emulsion in resin. In the fine chemical industry, activated carbon or catalyst removal is a typical example of high standard application in chemical treatment. The filter bag can not only meet the requirements of efficient filtration, but also prolong the service life and improve reliability.

Application of liquid filter bag in petroleum industry

Oil and oil additives, oil recovery, oil recovery, oil recovery, amine solution filtration, glycol filtrating, glycol liquid filtration, gas purification, distillation and cracking, amine cleaning agent, marine filter station (offshore filtration station), oil drilling and injection liquid, drilling oil and injection liquid.

Application of liquid filter bag in water treatment industry

Water treatment of water filtration, water treatment plant, mud removal, pipe removal of dirt or calcium, filtration of raw water, filtration treatment of wastewater, pretreatment of ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane preprotection, blocking floc, colloid, membrane extraction pure liquid prefiltration, intercepting ion exchange resin, sea water removal of sand and algae removal, ion exchange tree Fat resuscitation, calcium deposition removal, chemical filtration for water treatment, and cooling tower equipment dedusting.

Application of liquid filter bag in pharmaceutical industry

Aseptic raw materials, vaccines, biologics, blood products, infusion, buffer solution, reagent water, eye use preparation, and freeze dry powder to remove bacteria and filtrate; pharmaceutical precious active ingredients recovery, catalyst regeneration, activated carbon purification and removal, gelatin filtration, hormone, vitamin extract, medicinal preparation, polishing, plasma egg White matter removal and salt solution filtration.

Application of liquid filter bag in electronic technology industry

In order to improve the cost-effectiveness of wafer and chip processing, electronic etching acid bath, photochemical polishing, high pure water filtration and all kinds of membrane filtration process, the cooling water filter, remove zinc deposits in zinc solution, remove impurities in copper foil electrolysis stable trough.

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