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What are the applications of the liquid filter bag? (two)

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What are the applications of the liquid filter bag? (two)

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Application of liquid filter bag in metal processing industry

Hydraulic oil filter, precious metal (aluminum, silver, white gold) cleaning mud spray paint, coating filter, high temperature filter bag metal processing hydraulic oil filtration, pre treatment system filtering, precious metal recovery, metal processing liquid and drawing lubricant. The component cleaning device uses our filter bag to reduce the residual dirt on the components.

High temperature filter bag manufacturer

Application of liquid filter bag in automobile manufacturing industry

Electrophoretic filter, ultrafiltration, filtrate of spray water, lacquer and finish filter, car pretreatment, finish, varnish, primer, paint ring filter, part cleaning liquid, lubricant, lubricant, metal processing liquid and pump suction filter.

Application of liquid filter bag in paint and viscose industry

Electrophoresis lacquer filter, ultrafiltration, degreasing process filtering, phosphated liquid filtration, electrophoresis lacquer removing oil, filter cleaning liquid, filter metal paint, paint and varnish agglomeration particles clearance, paint condensation removal, solvent filtration, storage pollutant removal, filling line, coating mixture line and monomer purification, viscose Filtration, liquid silica gel filtration.

Application of liquid filter bag in resin and plastic ink industry

Resin, plastic, ink and coating oil and polymer filtration, dispersing body, aggregate mixture, special resin for canned coatings, plastic ingredients, printing ink, plastic processing, paper coating, high purity ink-jet liquid filtration, fiber, gel, filtration solvent in coating, filtration and grinding fineness of no standard particles, Remove particulate impurities, mixed reaction after removal of coagulum, remove colloidal coating paint in oils.

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