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Several important factors affecting the service life of PPS filter bag in power plant

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Several important factors affecting the service life of PPS filter bag in power plant

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Several important factors that affect the service life of PPS filter bags in power plants are high temperature filter bags.

1., the way of cleaning is (anti blow life is longer than pulse type).

How much is the high temperature filter bag

2., filtration speed (the higher the filtration speed, the shorter the life of the filter bag).

3., the structure and design of the dust collector, for example, the distance between the filter bag and the wallboard, between the filter bag and the filter bag.

The distance between the inlet and outlet, the installation of the guide plate, etc.

4., coal quality and boiler flue gas properties, including water bearing, sulfur containing oxides, nitrogen oxides, oxygen content.

The higher the impact on the life of the bag.

5., the temperature of flue gas (flue gas temperature above 170 C) has a significant effect on the life of cloth bags. The general rule is that the higher the temperature is, the shorter the life will be.

Because smoke temperature accelerates the reaction ability of chemicals.

6. dew point temperature and critical temperature. The ideal state is to keep flue gas temperature within 4 years of life.

The equilibrium is consistent, and the fluctuation is less. Electric control measures should be taken to prevent smoke and cloth bags from being too low or too high.


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