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What are the common sense of the filter used in the water purifier

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What are the common sense of the filter used in the water purifier

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Water purifier is almost everywhere in the family, so what do you know about its use common sense? Then, high temperature resistant needle felt gives you a few points to pay attention to.

As a matter of fact, we should pay attention to the following points when installing the product.

1 when the installation is good, do not move freely

When some users use water purifier, they need to move the water purifier to where they need water. Without moving several times, the water purifier will not go out. But I do not know, this is because the inner parts of the water purifier are linked through the joint, often moving may cause damage to the internal water purification machine accessories, so that the machine can not run.

High temperature resistant needle felt strength

2. after installation, need more cleaning

Before using household water purifier, it is better for users to open the faucet first and clean for 10 minutes. After a period of time, if the water quality of the water purifier starts to become cloudy, the machine must be stopped. Then open the filter case of the household water purifier, then we will see that the filter element in the filter case is very dirty, and it needs to be cleaned with clean water and then installed. Then open the machine and continue to use it. In this way, the water quality of household water purifier can be ensured, the use time of products will be extended, and the service life of inner filter core and permeable membrane will be prolonged.

3. filter core should be replaced frequency

There are multistage filter core and permeable membrane in household water purifier, and the service life of filter core and permeable membrane is different. Generally speaking, the service life of filter cartridge is between 3~12 months, while the use time of permeable membrane is about 1~2 years.

If the user finds that the water is more and more muddy in the process of using the product, and the clear filter or the permeable membrane is the same, it means that the filter core or the permeable membrane should be replaced. The service life of filter core and permeable membrane must be changed, otherwise the effect of filtration will not be achieved.

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