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What is the service life of the dust bag?

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What is the service life of the dust bag?

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The size of the dust contained in the dust bag, the filter bag of the needle felt directly affects the resistance and service life of the filter bag. The thicker the dust layer on the filter bag is, the greater the resistance is, and the greater the life of the filter bag. In this equipment, the oblate filter bag is mainly considered for rotary cleaning, and makes the nozzle have a greater chance of aligning the upper part of the pocket. Select low pressure pulse to clean ash. When using glass fiber covered membrane filter bag, low pressure pulse cleaning is born.

High temperature resistant aluminum water filter bag

According to the field conditions, each device can be designed as single chamber, double chamber and multi chamber, and each chamber can consist of one and more filter bags, which is a typical modular design. Between the first and the average room room, followed by the average of the whole room into the hopper after. In addition, when the filter bag is blown by the pulse air flow, the higher pressure air in the bag expands the filter bag with the inner shrinking state, and the filter bag will produce the dislocation between the fibers under the action of high pressure. The greater the pressure, the greater the friction force of the wrong contact surface, the shorter the life of the filter bag. Filter bag resistance is related to the square of filtering wind speed. If the wind speed is too large, the initial resistance is too large, and the phenomenon of local "perforation" will be caused on the film, and the wear of the base cloth affects the emission and service life.

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