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How to choose filter bag equipment according to some basic parameters?

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How to choose filter bag equipment according to some basic parameters?

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What is the basis for selecting the filter bag equipment? First, we need to know the basic parameters and performance of these equipment. Therefore, we will introduce you from these aspects so that everyone can choose the suitable equipment for you today.

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1. Base on the selection of filter bag equipment

1. The structure of the equipment;

2. Filter performance;

3. Filter media;

4. Conditions for handling;

5. The purpose of filtering;

6. The amount of processing of the equipment.

Two. The display of the filtering effect of the equipment

1. The use of equipment is wide;

2. The structure is reasonable and the area is small.

3. The overall amount of treatment is large and the amount of pollution is large.

4. The effective filtration area is large and the cost is reduced.

5. The effect of filtration is obvious and the operation is simple and convenient.

6, save cost and lower the cost of operation;

7, design flow can meet different requirements from 1--1000m3/h.

8, the accuracy of filtration is guaranteed, which is suitable for any fine particles or suspended solids filtering environment.

The parameters and performance advantages are all the knowledge we need to know when we use the equipment. These seemingly simple knowledge can not be lacking when we actually use it, whether it is filtering or other equipment.

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