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You can understand how to select filter bags and meet the needs.

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You can understand how to select filter bags and meet the needs.

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What role does the filter bag play in the filter? As one of the other important components in the filter, the quality of the needled felt filter bag, no matter any of the products, determines the filtering effect of the user to a large extent. It is also a key link in the process of filtering. The selection of filter bags should generally be made of filter cloth produced by world famous enterprises, and made with professional production equipment, preferably with the patent structure ring. Hai filter professional purification for 12 years, has a rich experience in purification technology, for the selection of filter bag, because of the filter bag material in real life variety, complete specifications. So when choosing filter bags, we must choose according to our own needs.

Sale of needled felt

Filter bags are generally divided into many types according to their own performance, each of which has its own characteristics. There are four main features of a liquid filter bag.

1. there is no very high protrusion after the improvement of the liquid filter bag bag mouth suture. Therefore, there will be no occurrence of the phenomenon of side leakage caused by no needle eye.

2., the liquid filter bag material is divided into polyester and polypropylene, nylon and other filter bags. The filtration accuracy range is broad and the accuracy is high.

3. the label of product specifications and model labels on the filter bag of liquid filter bag is all selected to be removed easily. The purpose is to prevent the pollution of filter bag from the label and ink in the use of the filter bag.

4., liquid filter bags will not cause pollution of silicone oil, because the design is made of high-speed industrial sewing machine without silicone oil cooling.

There is an air conditioning system filter bag, air conditioning system filter bag according to the efficiency level is also divided into three forms, they are: the first effect filter bag, the medium effect filter bag, the sub efficient filter bag. However, the filter bags of air conditioning system can be divided into synthetic fiber filter bags, glass fiber filter bags and non-woven fabric filter bags according to different materials. No matter which form of the filter bag, the design of its outer frame is generally made of aluminum frame or galvanized frame, and the non-woven fabric filter bag also has its own characteristics. Each filter bag is equally divided into the width of the bag, which is to prevent the safety problems caused by the excessive expansion of the filter bag with the wind pressure.

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