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The principle of glass fiber filter bag

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The principle of glass fiber filter bag

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The production of glass fiber filter bags is based on a strict set of production technologies, and PTFE thin film is made by longitude and latitude. The surface of needle punched felt is covered by pressure and high temperature. When bonding with thermoplastic fiber felt, we use special surface treatment technology to make the surface of the felt first, then PTFE film. The non thermoplastic fiber felt must first be treated with surface chemistry and Teflon and then covered with PTFE. Besides, some special fibers need surface treatment through special chemical methods, so as to achieve the best adhesion effect.

The PTFE film has pore size from 0.1-3.5 to m, and the porosity is 75-90%. Such high porosity is enough to free a large amount of dense water vapor, which is due to the free diffusion of tiny molecules of water and air through the gap of the film. Because PTFE has excellent corrosion resistance to any chemicals, PTFE film can be applied to various chemical production processes.

Glass fiber covered membrane filter bag has been widely applied in high temperature bag filter, and its effect is excellent, especially in large high-temperature bag filter. The glass fiber coated filter produced by this technology has high dust removal efficiency, low running resistance, long service life and no film falling off. It can work under the condition of 260oC (instantaneous temperature can reach 300oC) for a long time, without any change in all properties of the filter bag, the yield of dust under 5um can reach 100%, and below 1um. The dust collection efficiency is 99.5%. The life span of the filter bag is more than 2 years.

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