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What is a common polyester needled felt dedusting bag

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What is a common polyester needled felt dedusting bag

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What is a common polyester needled felt dedusting bag? Ordinary polyester needled felt dusting bag is a kind of dust bag made of polyester fiber as raw material and needled non-woven fabric. The product has the advantages of high air clearance, good air permeability, high dust collecting efficiency and long service life. It can reach 150 centigrade, acid resistance and moderate alkali. Characteristics.


Yingkou Zhi Bang Industrial Co., Ltd. and research and development as a whole, specializing in the production of various types of polyester needle felt fabric bag. Our company has a dust collector bag from weaving, high temperature finalized to cloth bag processing equipment, with 800 thousand production capacity of annual production, in many years of practice accumulated a rich experience in production, to ensure that every cloth bags are qualified out of the factory. Polyester needle felt is made of Liaohua polyester staple fiber for the production of raw materials. The product has the characteristic of common felt filter cloth, high air clearance, high dust collection efficiency and long service life. Because of its moderate temperature tolerance, 150 degrees in the instant, acid resistance and alkali resistance, and very good wear resistance, it is a big variety in felt filter cloth. According to the working surface to do anti-static treatment film calendering singeing. The sky blue dust will be a good product for environmental protection, with good service and you hand in hand to create a beautiful blue sky and a beautiful home to make due contribution.

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