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The high temperature filter bag tells you the best effect of polyester needle felt.

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The high temperature filter bag tells you the best effect of polyester needle felt.

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PPS high temperature filter bag is a polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber, which is made and processed according to the production process of other high temperature resistant filter felt. It is one of the main varieties of high temperature resistant filter material. Because of the characteristics of PPS fiber, the needle felt made of it has other properties which are not available by other needle punched felt.

1, the calendering process can achieve singeing easy cleaning effect.

2, good water resistance, even at 160 C, 79% relative humidity, continuous use of 500h.

3. Heat resistance: high melting point at 285 C, so it has a long heat resistance, it can be used continuously at 190 C, and has very strong heat resistance. Even at high pressure steam at 160 C, it can maintain 90% strength.

4. Chemical resistance: excellent chemical resistance is comparable to that of fluorinated fibers. At a temperature of 200 or less than 200, it can maintain stable chemical properties for most acids (except for several oxidants such as concentrated nitric acid) and organic solvents.

5, combustibility: it shows extremely high flammability and spontaneous combustion (LOI limit oxygen index 34-35).

6, mechanical characteristics: it is basically the same as polyester in terms of strength, elongation and elasticity.

7, radiation resistance: radiation tolerance to lambda rays, neutral sub lines and so on, which is greatly improved than traditional nylon and polyester.


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