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The characteristics of Chi Bangnai high temperature dust bag and scope

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The characteristics of Chi Bangnai high temperature dust bag and scope

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The high temperature resistant and dedusting cloth bags of the Zhi Bang brand are mixed and laminated by two or more than two kinds of high temperature resistant fibers in order to achieve higher and updated physical and chemical properties. The common felt filter cloth has high porosity, good air permeability, high dust collecting efficiency and long service life. Because of its moderate temperature tolerance, it can reach up to 150 C, and has good acid resistance, moderate alkalinity and very good wear resistance. It has become one of the most used kinds of felt filter materials. The surface treatment method according to different requirements of mining conditions can be singeing or calendering or coating. High temperature dusting filter bag is the core part of duster. There are strict requirements for the design of cloth bag size, cloth bag cutting and cloth bag processing. These requirements are of great significance for the normal operation and convenient maintenance of bag filter, and for prolonging the service life of bags.


High temperature dusting bag is used in that kind of working condition: high temperature resistant dust bag bag: many working conditions, room temperature dusting bag is difficult to meet the temperature requirements of the working condition. It is well known that the temperature of the permanent temperature dusting bag is 130 degrees C, the instantaneous temperature is up to 150 C, but the temperature is more than 200 degrees C and even high like the boiler flue gas. Up to 280 C, in this case, the normal temperature dust bag is not the choice, according to the specific working temperature to select the suitable high temperature resistant dust bag product, but also to see the specific kind of smoke dust, whether it is corrosive gas, sulfur, acid, alkali and so on, the moisture content, the large content must be filter material water repellent and anti oil treatment.

Moreover, compared with the glass fiber bag, the high temperature resistant dusting cloth bag has obvious improvement in its wear resistance, flexural strength and peel strength, and can bear high filtration load. The filtration speed is above 1.0m/min, and the running resistance is low. Compared with synthetic synthetic fiber high temperature resistant filter material, it overcomes the weakness of high elongation rate, large deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance of chemical fiber filter material; the product has a better dimension stability and strength, and the price is lower than other high temperature resistant chemical fibers.

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