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Yingkou Zhi Bang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Yingkou Boxin Material Co. Ltd.

Contact: Wang Bo

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Zip code: 115000

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Address: small and medium enterprise park in Yingkou, Liaoning

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The human society has entered the era of harmony with nature. The humanistic concept will be perfectly combined with nature. We shoulder the perfect combination of environmental filter materials and environmental protection equipment - Chi Bong industry (Yingkou Bo letter filter Co., Ltd.) came into being.

Today, the people of the Chi state (Bo Xin), with the advanced synchronization, with the world, with the world, more than 20 years of professional production and service experience, has integrated into the concept of science and technology as the guide, the concept of good faith cooperation, with the new filter materials, coexisting with science and technology, and continuously create a suitable filter material for customers. Now, it is very enterprising. With its professionalism, Bo Xin people cooperate with scientific research institutions and the broad masses of customers to make unremitting efforts for the continuous innovation and development of filter materials.